As modern cars and vans develop they are by default added with more and more sensors, control modules and wiring. Although this is obviously a step forward to give us economical, comfortable and smooth vehicles, the down side is it raises issues when they inevitably go wrong. 
In order to stay abreast of the situation mechanics and garages have had to become computer wizards too.

Although it is true to say that anybody can buy a code reader today for a very small amount of money. It may give an indication as to a fault as long as it emission related. More in depth issues require the need for more advanced computing capabilities.
At Kar-Techs we carry and use a very powerful selection of software and laptop. This allows us to scan deep into ECU and BCM modules.
With the necessary equipment we are confident that we can scan, diagnose and repair faults with a very high and accurate success rate.
Most components can be tested on car simply by allowing the software to take over.
We do not operate a "try this first" policy but run a thorough and deep scan for potential issues as required. 
We currently have 2018 updates and can also scan OBD1 systems dating back to 1990.
If you have an issue that you require investigating, feel free to email us or call with a potential problem and symptom.