Carbon Cleaning

Engine Carbon Cleaning                    £49.50 all inclusive at your premises.

With today's focus on carbon emissions, car manufacturers have had to come up with various methods of reducing the pollution our vehicles omit.
Whilst satisfying the regulations for national and international standards there has been a side effect that we as the motorist are currently experiencing.

Our engines now through the addition of DPF, EGR and Catalytic Converters are becoming clogged up with carbon at an alarming rate. This is more evident on diesel engines.  At Kar-Techs we have invested in the equipment and technology to reduce and eliminate the harmful carbon build up within the combustion surfaces.

These include valve train, pistons, intake manifold, EGR, DPF throttle bodies to name but a few. 

This is done without the need for a strip down or "decoke" as once was. By using harmless hydrogen gas we inject it into the intake system. Totally eco friendly with guaranteed results.

  • Restores power
  • Smoother running
  • Increased mpg
  • Quieter running
  • Reduced emissions
  • Reduces possible engine issues
  • Improved driving experience.

(Copied email from one of our many happy customers)

Hi Stuart,

A quick message to say how impressed I was with the carbon engine cleaning you did on my Range Rover.
What a difference in performance and fuel economy. As you know my car has done a lot of miles, but since the cleaning process it’s like a new car again, responsive, quicker and smoother. Very impressed and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it.