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With the advent of more components that trap and reduce emissions, it inevitably leads to carbon build up in the engine and exhaust system. 
Fundamentally vehicles are manufactured to self clean Diesel particulate filters but this unfortunately does not always occur. Certain driving conditions have to be met before the car will "regen" but with today's roads and our driving habits it is not always successful. This eventually will lead to EML issues and limp mode problems.
At Kar-Techs we are aware of not only the issues but specialise in rectifying problems on a pro-active basis rather than re-active. In short we will clean, maintain and ensure your vehicle is running at optimum performance reducing any risk of break downs or component failure.
Such components are DPF, EGR valve, intake manifold, EGR cooler to name but a few.
To achieve this we use two methods. Sometimes a combination of the two is required.
Firstly, we specialise in computer generated forced regeneration of DPF. This is always successful and utilises state of the art, dealer level computer systems that take control of the control units to create a regeneration on your drive. 
Secondly with modern carbon cleaning equipment we can remove and clean all internal engine components to return your engine to good running order.
The benefits of carbon cleaning are self evident:
Reduced emissions
More power
Smoother running
Improved MPG
Reduced noise
Environmentally friendly
Cost effective
Using natural hydrogen gas there is no harmful solvents or gases to deal with.
Hydrogen induction is proven to achieve all of the above. Dont just take our word for it though, research the benefits yourself.